Ratings Explained


The criteria is based on the following:

The foundation for every rating is the training and qualifications achieved by the staff and management.

A set of questions are asked to the salon, spa or barbers. The level of detail and questions will see rating increase.

The salon works through the questions and can do this via phone or email consultation. An example of the criteria.

  • This may be the percentage of staff having achieved for example an NVQ Level 3.
  • We also take into account the number of years of management experience the owner has as well as the salon or spa managers has.
  •  A salon, spa or barber with a five star rating will have more staff with higher qualifications and more experienced managers.
  • Also a five star rating would have employees which may have started their careers within the salon, and takes into account long standing employees.
  • We also look at employee welfare, staff training and development, staff incentives etc.
  •   We also look to see your marketing plan.
  •  For five star rating we expect to see all the health and safety in place, these include items being pat tested, fire alarms and fire extinguisher checked accordingly and all other health and safety aspects.
  • We also look that the salon is properly insured for the treatments offered.
  • Ensuring all staff have relevant qualifications and certificates to do their job.
  •  We also consider any awards achieved.
  • We also look at client retention.

We also look at the salon/spa/barber itself – starting from the outside. We look at everything from the paint work and lighting through to reception seating. Finally, the size and scale of the salon. This is combined with the training and health and safety questions. So you could have a lovely salon, which met all of the 5 star questions but only meet the 4 star standard in terms of staff training, so would be awarded a 4 star rating.

The bottom line is that anyone can open a hair or beauty salon in the UK and Ireland without any training or qualifications, so our criteria is designed to protect the public.

We now accept  3 star rated salons, spa’s that have the potential to improve to a 4 or 5 star

Any salon/spa/barber under falling below 4 star rating will achieve a 3 star rating as satisfactory with further improvements.

You will not be entitled to purchase any marketing materials, you would simply get a listing on our website, and you would be asked to be rated again free of charge after 6 months to improve your rating to a 4 or 5 star.

Some salons may always remain a 3 star as we look at the salon as whole. If after the 2nd rating, you remained a 3 star you would be able to purchase window stickers and review cards. The next rating would be after 12 months and this would be chargeable. Your listing will remain on the website for 12 months.


As we work with The British Hair and Beauty Awards, who award salons and spas in the industry we offer FREE UNRATED listing on the website for a period of 12 months, but these clients will not have a badge to say they are rated. It will showcase they have won awards. We recommend these winners to go through the rating stage to get rated on our website.