Assessment Process

Any salon or spa wishing to be assessed will need to contact the team. You will then be sent further information on what you will need to submit to be assessed and start the assessment process.


Our team of highly-trained professionals carry out all Salon and Spa assessments. Top Rated Salons and Spas uses a specific set of criteria which has been developed with the general public, industry professionals and trade bodies. The criteria are constantly under review. If you’ve got a suggestion as to something we should add please let us know. We would love to hear any feedback from you.

Any salon or spa will also be asked a series of yes or no questions, depending on location this may be face to face or over the phone. We also employ mystery clients.


Recognition is awarded at Blow-dry, Registered, Three Star, Four Star & Five Star  levels. We also assess  Training Academies. You can learn more about our ratings here.


Once the team have assessed your salon you will be contacted with the results and be given the annual fee to be listed on the website.


What is the Fee For?

The annual fee is to cover general admin and running of the tasks.

This fee can be paid annually or monthly. All those paying monthly will receive a 10% discount off of the total price.It also includes four yearly promotions of your salon on social media, updates on events and deals etc. Monthly charges start from as little as £45.00 and are assessment dependent. Including in your fee are the free banner or window decal as well as further discounts on other promotional material.